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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Butterfly Pillow Box. We R Memory Keepers Pillow Box Punch Board Modified.

This box was created for Challenge #74 "Een tasje of doosje met vlinders erop" at Scr@p-Cards Challenge-Blog.

I used the We R Memory Keepers Pillow Box Punch Board to create the box. The board itself offers only one width for all pillow boxes which I find a little awkward. A slight modification to the board would have made it a lot more universal. Strange that they stuck with the limitation. Anyways, for now, we'll have to use what's available - our own creativity. :-) So, I made my box a little wider. Closed, it now measures 12x9 cm (LxW)
We R Memory Keepers Pillow Box Punch Board Modified.
We R Memory Keepers Pillow Box Punch Board Modified.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

25th (Silver) Wedding Anniversary Gift Certificate/Cash Envelope

I used the Dutch Doobadoo Envelope template because the size of the envelope (86 x 175mm) suited the purpose perfectly. The paper is silver (looks kind of goldish in this picture, but that's the lighting, sorry :)
Dutch Doobadoo 470.713.003 Marianne Design col 1337 lr0159 Lr0272 Joy!Crafts 6003/0015 Darice 1218-69
The internal tag is just a few millimeters narrower and shorter. The little envelope on the tag is Marianne Design Collectables col 1337. It creates a pocket to hold a gift certificate or some cash.
Dutch Doobadoo 470.713.003 Marianne Design col 1337 lr0159 Lr0272 Joy!Crafts 6003/0015 Darice 1218-69
Dutch Doobadoo 470.713.003 Marianne Design col 1337 lr0159 Lr0272 Joy!Crafts 6003/0015 Darice 1218-69
To make both sides of the tag hole look neat follow the instructions here.

I used:
  • Dutch Doobadoo 470.713.003 Envelope Stencil
  • Marianne Design Collectables col 1337 Envelope
  • Marianne Design Creatables lr0159 Hearts
  • Marianne Design Creatables Lr0272  Anja`S Vintage Frame 
  • Joy!Crafts Stencil Vintage Flourishes - Corner 6003/0015
  • Darice 1218-69 Embossing Folder, Circle Interlock Design - the internal surface of the small envelope is embossed
PS Detail: 
All but one decorative elements are die cut, not embossed. It was a pain to glue them neatly :) I used wet glue because I know certain people tend to keep certain gifts for sweet memories of the events forever, however the glue of double-sided tapes or such-like adhesives may dry out with time and the whole thing will literally fall apart. Sometimes within a year. Probably there are brands that are more reliable, but this was not the occasion for me to try it out.

If you know for sure that your card won't have to be kept forever, use double-sided tape or double-sided sheets instead of wet glue for intricate dies or smaller pieces like individual letters etc.

Friday, May 8, 2015

M for Mother's Day.

Lea'bilities 45.0577 Scor-Bug Embosser Floral Stitch Ef6-Fstch Joy!Crafts 6002/0378 6002/0136 6002/0385 6002/0403 Memory Box #815 Marianne Design Col1380 Cr1266 Lr0270 Lr 0271 lr0263 Lr0157 lr0150 Lr0192 lr0162 Nellie SnellenSd045 Flp027 FLP031 FLP011
This particular card was used eventually as a Mother's Day card, thus M as the sentiment. It could have been a Birthday or any other occasion, though. Bearing a lot of flowers it's quite universal.

I used:
  • Leane Creatief Lea'bilities "Flower 008" 45.0577 
  • Scor-Bug Embosser
  • Crafters Companion Embossalicious Embossing Folders 6x6 - Floral Stitch Ef6-Fstch
  • Joy!Crafts 6002/0378 feather
  • Joy!Crafts 6002/0136 ~ Fleur-De Lys (Corner 2)~ Joy Crafts
  • Joy!Crafts 6002/0385 Stencil - Roll Up Roses 
  • Joy! Crafts mery`s stencil - basic joy!crafts 6002/0403
  • Memory Box; Grand Madison Window #815
  • Die-Namics Mini Royal Roses 
  • Marianne Design Collectables Col1380 vintage alphabet 
  • Marianne Design Craftables Cr1266 - - Birds Trellis
  • Marianne Design Creatables Lr0270 Anja`S Vintage Ornaments 2
  • Marianne Design Creatables Lr 0271 Anja`S Vintage Swirls 
  • Marianne Design Creatables lr0263 Parasol
  • Marianne Design Creatables Lr0157 Decorative Elegance Lavender
  • Marianne Design Creatables lr0150
  • Marianne Design Creatables Lr0192 Leaves
  • Marianne Design Creatables lr0162 english rose 
  • Nellie Snellen Nellie’s Choice Shape Die - Flowers-2 Sd045
  • Nellie Snellen Floral Punch - Set Small Rose Flower - Nellie Snellen Flp027
  • Nellie Snellen Floral punch jumbo set FLP031 rose leaves
  • Nellie Snellen Floral punch set jumbo blad-1 FLP011
PS Detail:
Chalks. I experimented with chalks on the flowers. OK. I've tried it once and I am not going to do it again. Preferably ever. The biggest problem was to combine chalking the flowers and watering them. I always spray flowers a little for better molding. The wet chalk created a rather unsightly effect of dirtiness rather than anything else. Kind of expected, but still disappointing, I had had hopes it might just alter the color very slightly. No luck there. I still used some victims of my experiment on the card though, after adding some lining.

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